New Venture for me: “The Bread Bag Fiddle” just went “Live!”

New Book!

First of many to come, I hope!

As some of you are aware, I have posted lots of articles on violin making and repair, over the years. I published some in book form, but in .pdf format, so that those who were interested could download them, Sadly, they were really only readable on a full compluter. It turns out that the words were too small to see on a phone, for instance.

Anyway, I put together a small (3,800 word, 30 photos) booklet on the resurrection of a fairly “dead” fiddle. This instrument literally arrived at my shop in a plastic bread-bag, with the top tied off so not parts could be lost.

A friend found the fiddle in a junk shop, and bought it to give to me. I thought I was unlikely to use it, so I tossesd the bag in a box of “possible projects,” and just forgot about it. But…it literally came to me in a bread-bag!

Hence, the name of the new booklet: “The Bread Bag Fiddle: (Resurrection of a Dead Violin).” It is not a true “tutorial:” it is more of an encouraging look at what can be done with a “junk-store-special” or a “garage-sale treasure.”

The instrument eventually found a home with a young fiddler, who was thrilled with it. I hope to meet her, someday.

New to Kindle

I am new to internet publishing, so this is more than a little intimidating. I have never attempted using the Kindle publishing software before: this is my first offering.

I was fairly intimidated, as a non-tech-savvy, bona fide “Old Guy.”  I did manage, however, to “jump through all the hoops.” After much fingernail-chewing, I published the booklet through Amazon Kindle. I set the price at $2.99, originally, because, as it turns out, that is the minimum price one can set…so that is what I did.  Have a look if you are interested.

The Bread Bag Fiddle: Resurrecting a "Dead" Violin by [Chet Bishop]

Thanks for looking!