New Venture for me: “The Bread Bag Fiddle” just went “Live!”

New Book!

First of many to come, I hope!

As some of you are aware, I have posted lots of articles on violin making and repair, over the years, some in book form, but in .pdf format, so, those who were interested could download them, but they were really only readable on a full compluter…the words were too small to see om a phone, for instance.

Anyway, I had put together a small (3,800 word, 30 photos) booklet on the resurrection of a fairly “dead” fiddle, which had literally arrived at my shop in a plastic bread-bag, with the top tied off so not parts could be lost.

Hence, the name of the new booklet: “The Bread Bag Fiddle: (Resurrection of a Dead Violin).” It is not a true tutorial: it is more of an encouraging look at what can be done with a “junk-store-special” or a “garage-sale treasure.”

New to Kindle

I had never attempted using the Kindle publishing software before: this is my first offering.

It was fairly intimidating to me as a non-tech-savvy, bona fide “Old Guy,” but I did manage to “jump through all the hoops,” and publish through Amazon Kindle. As it turns out, the minimum price one can set is $2.99 so that is what I did.  Have a look if you are interested.

The Bread Bag Fiddle: Resurrecting a "Dead" Violin by [Chet Bishop]

Thanks for looking!